Having a flat roof on your home is prone to trapping heat. To minimize the heat absorption on flat roofs have several ways and developed and proven effective, which can result in cost savings on air conditioning. Listed below are tips on how to cool flat roofs and how to make reflect heat more efficiently on flat your flat roof.

Roof Coatings

Specialized roof coatings can aid a flat roof reflect up to 90 percent of solar heat. The kinds of materials are the following :

Asbestos Film

To erect a low-sloped, asbestos film shield over the flat roof is another covering option. It will prevent the roof from absorbing light and heat energy as it increases solar reflectivity. To prevent not catching prevailing winds and blow away, make certain to construct well.

Solar Photovoltaic Roofing Panels

To your flat roof, the addition of ultra-thin, solar photovoltaic panels is also helpful. To use in your home, these panels will store energy while dispatching excess capacity back to the local power grid. It will go on keeping your home cool especially summer weather when layered over a cool roof laminate of PVC.

Elastomeric Paint

The elastomeric polymer content of the paint permits it to expand and contract along with the material on which it is applied. The recommendation is to apply two coats of bright white elastomeric paint to your flat roof. The purpose is to escalate its solar reflectivity.

PVC Sheathing

Put a single-ply PVC sheathing to the entire surface if you have an organized sound roof. Due to their smooth texture, heat-welded seams keep out water and prevent wind damage. In varying weather conditions, the optimal PVC sheathing is warranted to last 15 years.

Other Options:

Aside from roof covering, consider these options for cooling Flat Roof.


To direct cool air downward, insert wind-catchers in the roofing. Used commonly in countries with hot dry climates for centuries. To prevent cold air entry, a vent seal at the bottom of the wind-catcher can be shut and seal up during cool weather.

Foam Insulation

Insert a layer of solid foam insulation directly under your flat roof if you have plans on replacing your home’s ceiling. This will upgrade home’s energy efficiency as this will keep out both heat and cold.