Solar shingles – also called photovoltaic shingles. This material was created to resemble and function as conventional roofing materials, but are solar panels, like asphalt shingle or slate. The advantage of this roofing material is beside functioning as a roof, it also produces electricity. Known as building-integrated photovoltaics (BIPV), solar shingles are a type of solar energy solution.

There are different varieties of solar shingles. This includes the following:

  • Shingle-sized solid panels – take the place of a unit of conventional shingles in a strip
  • Semi-rigid designs – accommodate some silicon solar cells that are sized more like conventional shingles
  • Newer systems – matches conventional shingles both in size and flexibility using various thin-film solar cell technologies

Holding out essentially 100 watts DC rating per shingle, there are also products making use of a more established number of silicon solar cells per panel.

Details of Solar Shingles

Seizing sunlight and converting it into electricity, solar shingles are photovoltaic modules. Most solar shingles can be affixed straight into the roofing cloth. There are different mounting demands for different models of shingles. Solar shingles can be applied straightly onto roofing felt coalesced with regular asphalt shingles.

For other solar shingles, a special installation may be required. Because they refrain from the need to locate rafters and install with a process much more alike to asphalt shingles than standard solar panels, the installation methods for some solar shingle solutions can be simple than traditional panel installations.

Solar shingle roofs come in an intense, dark, purplish-blue or black shade. Upon view, it looks similar to other roofing materials. Instead of having large panels on their roofs somewhat unattractively looking as it does not coincide with the motif of the home, the proprietor who will have to construct new house may use solar shingles as roofing thus, no need to purchase another roofing material.

Some companies who manufacture solar shingles have made steps to reduce the gap between the cost of solar panels installation versus the cost of installing solar shingles while solar shingles are in most cases is more expensive to than traditional solar panels installation.