Pool Patio

Planning to get a pool patio? Remember to match the accent materials of your pool with your preferred style at a price that won’t hurt your budget.

Having a pool patio can upgrade your home’s landscape design. The choices of materials are endless, but here are some of the popular:

Natural Stone

While natural stone is a very luxurious choice for patios and can be expensive, you can save by opting to obtain stone from a local quarry. Natural stone can be installed various ways, depending on the soil conditions.

Stone color can vary greatly since it’s a natural product. Checking samples can give you an idea of what it will be like, but know that there will be color variations.

Natural stones can last long but maintenance should be followed. If cracks occur on individual stones, it can be replaced. If there are extreme seasonal temperature changes, maintenance on grout is essential.

Water splashing onto the patio can cause the stone to deteriorate and crumble if the pool is a salt-water system. To aid the deterioration, application of the sealant is a must on a regular basis.

Stamped Concrete

Stamped concrete can be a great choice for patios as it can be customized in various patterns. Slippage may be a concern around the pool area if it is a smooth pattern so be careful when choosing your pattern. Since it’s difficult to match the existing stain in a later addition, it should be all installed once.

For pattern and stain color, there are many custom options. The installation process is easy and fast. You can check with Roofers Wellington for more details and information.

Depending on the stain and sealer, smooth surfaces can be slippery around the pool which is a drawback. Making additions to the patio can be difficult as it’s hard to match at a later date. Repairs are also noticeable when the concrete cracks.


For pool patios, travertine material is a high-end custom option. Overall, travertine is very consistent throughout, although some variation in color is to be expected.

The material stays cool once step on and gives a unified and groomed finish with matching bullnose coping. Travertine has a variety of color options, provides a non-skid surface and can withstand low temperatures especially during winter season thus, will not crack due to freezing ground.

Because the material is a very soft stone, it can chip. The installation process can be a drawback as it is labor-intensive.