Using the naturally occurring material provided by mother nature gives personal identity when incorporating inside the home. Wood gives earthy and homey vibe while marble provides a sophisticated touch when used as flooring or kitchen countertop at home. What about pebbles?


Pebbles can be sourced both in the river and along the beaches. If you’d like to make use of pebbles you’ve gathered, one way to incorporate it into your home is using it at the bathroom.  Whether using it as bathroom floor or in the shower flooring area, it makes you one with nature.


The Pros and Cons of Pebbles Floor

Cleaning and pebbles maintenance is the substantial obstacle to getting pebbles for your bath. Cleaning pebbles need a bit more effort than cleaning regular tiles but with the aesthetic, it will provide plus the credited effort for you if you personally gather all those pebbles, cleaning is a harmless task.


Nevertheless, before using the pebble tiles in your bathroom, it’s best to research and keep in mind that they require a lot of grouts. Use an epoxy grout or a grout additive as sealer which is highly recommended. To maintain the essence of pebbles, the floor may need resealing after some time.


Avoid using acid solutions when cleaning pebble floor. Better test it out in an unnoticeable area if you have any doubts about the cleaning product, especially when buying a brand of ultra-strong cleaner unfamiliar to you. If you want pebbles for your shower, the room must be airy and light to make any water built-up to dry out quickly because it’s important to leave the floors dry or almost dry.


If you’re planning to install pebbles by yourself as your own project, it’s an uncomplicated task and doesn’t require too much sweat. Yet, if you have not dealt with tiles before, then it’s not worth the gamble because it’s worth stressing that this project is unsuited for beginners. It needs a meticulous hand plus a lot of patience to install. But still, you can be as much creative as you want when installing pebbles by yourself as you will have a limitless design.