When you’re thinking of replacing vanity top, the edge style may seem like an insignificant detail until the finished product is installed in your bathroom. You better be sure your selected countertop is not only practical but accessorize the rest of your bathroom design since your countertop is a surface you’ll see and touch several times a day.

Selecting the right bathroom countertop highlights the beauty of your stone, gives elegance to bathroom style and gives further decorative value.

Here’s a summary of edge treatments:

Square Edge

Square countertops are really not perfectly square; most are fabricated with small kerfs grooves that moderates what would otherwise be dangerously sharp corners and the most simple and clean-lined of edges. This provides double purpose: to impede unpleasant accidents and to reduce the chance of chipping and breakage. This is essential when you’re using natural stone, quartz stone or cement and because these materials are not cheap, it must be taken care accordingly.

Mitered Edge

Much like a square, the mitered edge is straight and clean-edged. The mitered countertop is assembled from two pieces to give a finer top look of a much heavier one is what differs from a square countertop.

Bullnose Edge

The bullnose is a deeply rounded style that produces a warm, soft profile throughout the entire countertop and one of the most popular edge treatments for granite. For highlighting off the solidity and thickness of the granite, it’s also one of the best profile choices.

Beveled Edge

A bevel — also referred as a chamfer — is a cut made at 45-degree angle (approximately) forth the top edge of the countertop and a traditional edge style that echoes classical stone architecture. The double bevels and more elaborate edge treatments that integrate bevels with more shapes are just some of the many variations of this style. ¬†Beveling moderates sharp edges, but gives a strong design statement just like the kerfs in a square countertop.

Premium Edges

There is an apparently endless spectacle of special edge upgrades available for both stone and man-made countertops in addition to the basic edge profiles and their variations. You can check out with bathroom countertop professionals for other variations and design you prefer.